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Is Gold Farming “a soul-less source of evil” in the online world, or is it ultimately harmless? If she’s more into Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, she can rock her signature dress, jacket, leggings and gloves for a familiar image straight from the big screen. There’s yet another impressive camera setup, which includes a … Read more

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Katie sent in a whole host of photos of the construction process and her other projects, and she had a chat with me about crafting homemade plushies and World of Warcraft. The move has been coined ‘colour-conscious casting’, implying an awareness that the accepted norm is being disregarded, as opposed to the previous trend for … Read more

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In an effort to make nerdom a bit more swarthy, the marketing gurus for Lucasfilm created this stick-on mustache in the shape of the one worn by our favorite Cloud City Administrator. Lorelei Stage: Set in Germany off the banks of the Rhine, this fan favorite multi-level fighting stage made its debut in DEAD OR … Read more

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1:49PM Kinect Sports: Season Two. 1:35PM Two hands outstretched, our young demonstrator lifts a Droid Federation Tank with the power of Kinect. As soon as you’re out of the 10-foot death zone, run to a safe distance (ideally with your travel power) while resuming the attack or using your stim. While in a mid-air leaping … Read more

game cosplay porn

Oddly enough, “Genshin Impact’s” Bilibili Game page shows that it has an approximate user rating of 2.3 stars, but the actual number indicated a rating of 4.9. The Chinese fanbase has been very vocal about the game, and their voice once forced miHoYo to make drastic changes to Zhongli and the Geo element itself. The … Read more

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The most movement occurs in the fight sequences that form the centrepiece of the levelling up in this RPG. After the fixed camera view of the questing it makes battle sequences seem more intense to have directed pans and zooms. In reality, I have a bunch of blacklight Futurama posters that we will probably use … Read more

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Thalissa Teixeira says she and Amanda Burton, who takes the role of Madge’s mother Lady Anne Shelton, felt the castle was haunted. The past decade of cosplay yielded many contest-winning looks, bold creations, and fun takes on classic characters. Even if you’re ignorant about Street Fighter and its characters (which I’m sure none of you … Read more

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In practice, that means much better lighting – crucial for a game set during Halloween, where luminarias and jack-o’-lanterns provide atmospheric lighting – and surprisingly nice looking water in the game’s bayous. This weeks games include the charming RPG Costume Quest 2. The game was a sequel to Double Fine’s rather wholesome title and sees … Read more