A Brief Look at Spider-Man’s Costumes in Marvel’s Avengers

A brief look at Spider-Man’s costumes in the no longer “live” service Marvel’s Avengers.
0:00 Intro
3:45 Rare Suits
11:27 Epic Suits
22:44 Legendary Suits
26:45 Rant about MCU Spider-Man
27:18 Exotic Suits
29:43 Ending and Outro

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36 thoughts on “A Brief Look at Spider-Man’s Costumes in Marvel’s Avengers

  1. I agree with the advanced suit so much so that insomniac, made the skin more red in the new marvel Spider-Man 2 game coming soon as seen in the new trailer this was probably my only complaint about the Spider-Man game 😂

  2. Have to disagree with some of the noir takes. The lense and holster in the insomniac version are easily my favourite parts of the suit, the black goggles really gives noir more personality. Great video though, keep it up

  3. ben was in the mcu, not in the movies but was referenced. he wasn’t casted because it’s been overdone. everyone knows who ben is. like batman, everyone knows his origin, the mcu switched it up and it made sense.

  4. ((The reason why they didn't add the Simbyote suit yet is because for Spuderman 2 for the PS5 they would have added that as a suit option. And they did add the scarlet spider and 2099

  5. this is the first time in one of these videos where I didn't have a visceral reaction of disgust with half of the costumes, I actually liked a lot of them for once, maybe I'm just a big fan of spider-man, or maybe its just hard to screw up a good spider-man costume. I actually liked the lens thing in his main costume, I haven't played the game, but it looks subtle enough to give it some visual interest without being ugly or flashy, I think it looks like he could have a hud or some sort of display in his lens'

  6. From my view the Spider-men in the games are "making" the costumes themselves so it would make sense for small changes from the source material for individuality among the spider-verse, so I think critiquing small changes that individualize the suit but closely relate to the source material doesn't make sense because it's just a Spider-man making a suit any other Spider-man would make but different universes would obviously have these changes.

  7. Honestly I’d agree with the stuff on the Tom Holland Spider-Man/Peter but it looks like they’re going to be more accurate with the ending of NWH showing him with the more traditional aspects you’d expect from Peter/Spider-Man. Will they continue the MCU storyline? Idk and won’t pretend to until they announce more. Loved the video though!

  8. Wow that MCU take was cancerous. Never have I ever seen anyone misunderstand the entire god damn point of the home trilogy more so than hitop for crying out loud. It's like every. single. Spider-Man youtuber aside from troyoboyo wants every single trilogy to be like Raimi's. It's flat out insulting and annoying.

  9. I'm so glad someone agrees with me on the MCU spider man. That version does not feel like spider man at all to me. It feels like he couldn't get anything done without tony holding his hand all the time. It feels like 2 out of 3 of his movies exist only to say "he's totally his own character guys we promise" but they end up failing at that, especially the second one.

  10. Seriously you didn’t just say avengers iconic suit is better than the advanced suit and it’s noir is better than insomniacs?!?! Noir especially looks drab and ugly as all hell

  11. I really love the Secret War suit. I do think it's an original design and it quite pleases me with its colors and how it moves and looks in the Insomniac game.

    Although that's not justification for having an alternate costume sourced from 2 and half panels and concept art, when it's appeared less times than fucking Web-Man.

  12. I had a spiderman encyclopedia when I was younger, and remember very vividly the suits being called Mark 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the book, and the book came out around 2015-2017, but still I find that interesting that insomniac is the only source that you could find where they were called that. Still a neat video!

  13. I am surprised how ling this dude kept me watching this video of him complaining about suits that look really nice just because he didnt like the shade of the color or the ilumination and the effect it has over colors xd