Anime Expo 2022 – Cosplay Music Video

Anime Expo is the largest Anime Convention in North America, it takes place in Los Angeles every July. It’s my first con in 2 and a half years and was a great way to return to conventions and such a great variety of Cosplays on display.

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30 thoughts on “Anime Expo 2022 – Cosplay Music Video

  1. Hi, I am from a convention in Vietnam called "Hobby Horizon".

    I would like to use some scene from your video as a material for our trailer and teaser. So can I have your permission? I can guarantee that I will cite your channel.

    Please let me know your answer in the reply. Thank you ^^ ❤

  2. Most people would say they are freaks. I don't do cosplay but… to be honest, this hobby is insane. F*** the real life for some hours and have a nice time. What do you want more. Thumbs up to all participants.