DARWIN The Most Tragic X-Men Mutant

The Tragic Story of DARWIN
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36 thoughts on “DARWIN The Most Tragic X-Men Mutant

  1. Too true. I don't know a lot about X-Men (only the basics of the basics) but I know Darwin was too powerful when he showcased his abilities in First Class. Heck, if he wasnt killed off, I bet you that he'll take over the show and be front and center.

  2. Darwin is not the most overpowered mutant, still his abilities are pretty awesome. Overpowered is Scott and Jean gray son, he is overpowered as hell lol.

  3. Honestly if he were kept alive, could see him being the one Trask goes after to create the sentinels we see see in the future. Makes more sense that his mutation is the key to the program instead mystique.

  4. Crazy how people think he couldn’t beat hulk I mean dude can turn into god and pure energy. Only reason he “ran” was because he can’t choose what his ability does and that ability gives him the best chance of survival. Ofc if you don’t get near hulk your gonna survive him so that’s the easiest solution