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In the beginning, the new suit came with a lot of new features, thanks to Cisco, which ended up being both a blessing and a curse for Barry. But regardless of the story reasoning for Barry getting a fresh look, the season 6 suit has ended up being The Flash’s best adaptation of the iconic speedster costume. At the start of The Flash season 6, as the team began getting ready for the Crisis, Barry received another re-design for his costume and this time, the show got it right. After Barry’s suit got destroyed in the season 4 finale, it was time for yet another upgrade – but this time, The Flash ended up going in the wrong direction with this design. The suit was first teased in the Season 5 trailer released during San Diego Comic-Con. Grant Gustin has shared the first photo of Barry’s new super-suit, and while the differences aren’t that drastic — or maybe even all that obvious?

1 day ago The Flash has followed Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) evolving as the titular speedster from several angles throughout its run since 2014, and in that time, the eponymous character’s costume has also evolved. This attack only ended once Wanda was able to manifest her hex powers for the first time, accidentally allowing Chthon to reach out and make it known that Wanda was not allowed to join any coven. I decided to wait a year to go as Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of The Joker, seeing that everyone chose this costume the year the “The Dark Knight” came out. Costume World at 809 Franklin St. in Michigan City’s Uptown Arts District is the last full-time dedicated costume shop left standing in Northwest Indiana.

I took this shot late last night during our night shoot. After a low-quality photo of the new Flash suit for Season 5 leaked online last week, The Flash star Grant Gustin shared the first official photo of his new costume over the weekend. While certain designs have received more positive responses than others, in Barry’s case, his costume has gone through a few, but significant changes, as he continues his journey as the fastest man alive. I’ve had my own journey of accepting it. When asked about her favourite fan theory she said: ‘You know what, I think the one I’ve recently read has been interesting and it’s the one that involves, and I won’t say much, but it involves Thanos and Ant-Man. While little to no background is ever given about what caused Cisco to get Barry a new design, it’s safe to say that it was the result of the critical reception the season 5 costume received. Previous Flash suits designed by Cisco Ramon were made of fire resistant “reinforced tripolymer,” but this new suit is totally different. Since there is an interest in Gustin’s part to include the golden boots, it remains to be seen if next season will give his current suit another upgrade.

When someone shared a draft of the suit Gustin will wear in the new season, fans were quick to comment that not only did the suit look bad, spiderman costume but the naturally thin actor didn’t have the physique to properly play the comic book hero. Most of the superheroes have innate superpowers. If the golden boots replace his current red ones, the show will basically have completed the comic look. And since The Flash lost his suit in the season 4 finale, it will be exciting to see Nora bring her father a suit from presumably the future based on the technology that contains it within a ring.

While these are all good things (we think?), the new suit has already created drama within the Flash fandom; earlier this week a poorly shot photo of Gustin in the new suit leaked, and the resulting backlash against it prompted Gustin to take to Instagram to post about the body-shaming he received in the aftermath. Some things need work and they will be worked on. Your brave canine companion will be unbeatable when she’s wearing the Rubie’s Costume Company Wonder Woman Dog Costume. Because frankly, this costume is a bit of a departure. The Flash getting a new suit for the start of the season has basically become an annual tradition at this point, but Season 5’s suit will mark the greatest departure from previous iterations.

While it was still a red bodysuit, the design went with a darker red initially, movie character costumes a departure from the brighter tone that Barry has in the comics. From having the Flash ring to contain his costume, a cowl that now has wing accents, to a full bodysuit that has the same red tone as his comic counterpart, the Arrowverse has throughout six years evolved Barry’s costumes to the point where it is finally comic accurate on The Flash. Not only was the chin strap back, but the lightning bolt earpieces had now been replaced by short wing accents, getting it to resemble Barry’s cowl from the comic books. As promised, now that we’ve seen it in its entirety, we’re totally on board with this new look. “I love the suit that has been designed for me, and I think when everyone sees it in its entirety, you will love it too.

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