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He cuts off in his mid-sentence: “and I realized (that Speed and I are your lost twin sons)-” when he sees that the Avengers, as well as the Young Avengers and Magneto, have arrived in battle Doom and Wanda. After the destruction of the ship, the remaining Kree fled and Doctor Strange arrived to inform them that the attacks on the Avengers were magic-based. Fury was trying to get the superheroes who had arrived to leave so that they wouldn’t mess up his investigation when a group of Kree warriors (generated by Wanda’s magic) flew in to attack. Magneto arrived and saved their lives, and in return, they agreed to join his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Along the way, they encounter both Magneto and Quicksilver, who are quickly drawn into a fight as Pietro attempts to kill his father Magneto.

He asks her questions about magic in the hopes it would trigger her memories, but she simply states she is waiting for her Aunt Agatha (who many suspect to be Agatha Harkness) and does not believe in magic. After that Hawkeye awoke and tried to enter Aunt Agatha’s room, but when he tried to grab the doorknob, it disappeared as if by magic. Hawkeye saves Wanda from thieves but Wanda reveals that she has no memories of her past and believes that she has lived in the village her entire life. Around this time, spiderman costume kids Vision began to regain his past memories and emotions for Wanda and the couple tried to reconcile. They wanted to redeem themselves for their past actions when they were members of the Brotherhood. Wanda and Pietro now believed that they were the only members of their family left. The pair announced their split last year, and Jimmy is now dating Lauren Mand. During her stay with the Avengers, Wanda became attracted to the android Avenger known as the Vision and the two began dating romantically. Wanda began using her Chaos Magic more often and it started to consume her with chaos energy. She is able to now channel Chaos Magic which is considered very dangerous by professional magicians.

Wanda also learns that she can resurrect the dead now. Harleen Quinzel used to be Joker’s psychiatrist but eventually fell madly in love with him, and now she’s his crazed but devoted accomplice-slash-girlfriend. Pietro, on the other hand, suicide squad joker costume denounced his sister’s love. While the rest of the Avengers and Young Avengers reunite with Iron Lad, Doom slips away to where Wanda and Wiccan are at and attempts to kill Billy. While in Genosha, Magneto asked Professor X to help Wanda but he refuses to do so. Magneto recruited more powerful beings to aid the Brotherhood, such as Namor, after Wanda failed her objectives during certain missions. Wanda begs him to stop and says she doesn’t believe Wiccan’s story but wonders why Doom is so concerned she might have. Instead, she tells him a story about the fisherman and the mermaid, after informing Beast his watch was a fake. Beast has also tried to get Wanda to undo the damage she caused the mutant race. However, their relationship would go nowhere after Wonder Man reveals that he does not want to get married and have children. The two begin to get close and eventually they sleep together.

Wanda’s romance with the Vision culminated in the two getting married. Le Fey battled Vision and wounded him badly. Everyone’s life went on, with Vision still having no memories and showing little concern for Wanda on the battlefield. Wanda stayed with the West Coast Avengers for quite some time. Vision eventually decided to leave the West Coast team to join the East Coast roster. Wanda begged Vision to stay by her side, but he told her that the East Coast needed him more than she did. Hundreds came out to the East River Amphitheater to see pups and their owners strutting in their most festive Halloween attire. The remaining Avengers had little time to try to figure out what was happening or who was attacking them before returning to the Mansion.

However, Layla Miller used her powers to restore the memories of a few mutants, wonder woman costume who created an assault force to try and re-establish the correct reality. No more mutants, no more pain. Waid’s writing is sensitive and intelligent and fills in a lot of blanks about Rogers’ re-emergence that manage to make the character more human, and more easily identified with as a result. Considering that it could very well be argued that Goku is the most prolific main character of not just the shonen genre but of all anime in general, it is easy to see why he continues to be a common cosplay for con-goers.

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