My Top Outfits in Cyberpunk 2077 (and How to Get Them!) | #cyberpunk2077 #shorts

This is for all of ya’ll who’ve been asking how to get these juicy outfits. You’re welcome

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We understand that each fan has their own unique preferences when it comes to cosplay. Some may prefer a more understated look, while others may want a costume that really screams “look at me!” That’s why we offer a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget. Our selection includes costumes for both casual and professional cosplayers, and we even offer custom designs for those who want something truly one-of-a-kind.

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17 thoughts on “My Top Outfits in Cyberpunk 2077 (and How to Get Them!) | #cyberpunk2077 #shorts

  1. Am I missing something I thought there was no 3rd person? I have the game but after spending ages in the character creator u found out I had to download load some janky hack to get 3rd person so I haven't played….

  2. My V's all look like straight up Mercs. I got one with a pretty sweet outfit I call "Legends Of Night City". Basically it's David's Jacket, Johnny's Tank Top, Male V's pants and Sneakers, Johnny's Aviators and I pair it with La Chingona Dorada for Jackie

  3. I’m confused on the new armor system if the clothes give no armor where do the clothes mods go and perks of crafting them and skill tree level perks and wardrobe feature

  4. Ive got one that i like that makes me think of jin sakais white ghost outfit that looks sick for my knife/sniper build and then i have one similar to your last outfit but its got this long blue and pink zebra stripped jacked and these like puff pants with japenese on em and then got a cool araska merc and aldecaldoes outfit with my first outfit being a valentinos looking one

  5. with the tyger claw bike and the v-turbo, i play as fem v and wear:

    Face: Stylish polarized aviators [Charter Hill or Corpo Plaza Clothing Vendor]

    Outer Torso: Ocean Armor aramid-weave edgerunner [Japantown Clothing Vendor]

    Inner Torso: Ultralight Geisha Dream polyamide tank top [Japantown Clothing Vendor]

    Bottom: Ocean bulletproof neotac biker pants [Rancho Coranado Clothing Vendor] OR Trilayer hotpants with micromesh [Northside Clothing Vendor]

    Shoes: Sturdy Orchid Dawn syn-leather biker boots (w/ the biker pants) [Little China Clothing Vendor] OR Cut3 Brainzz tear-proof sneakers (w/ the hotpants) [Arroyo Clothing Vendor]

  6. Those outfits look cool! But for the cyberpunk world those are not right outfits(but not the last one)cuz in cyberpunk almost every outfit has a "punk" style and not military, but if u created those to role play as a militech soldier then they are right

  7. Just wish there was more clothing options and customisations regarding cyberware. Would have enjoyed being able to fully customise V like you see the NPCs in Night City, especially for those on console.

    Modding community on PC is blessed😭 Maybe the upcoming DLC? If not sequel.