NieR: Automata – all new Nintendo Switch DLC outfits

All new NieR: Automata Nintendo Switch exclusive DLC outfits

NieR Automata DLC outfits
NieR Automata DLC
NieR Automata Nintendo Switch DLC outfits
NieR Automata Switch DLC outfits

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00:00 outfits and accessories list
00:42 2B outfits
02:38 2B accessories
03:33 9S outfits
04:58 9S accessories
05:34 A2 outfits
07:42 A2 accessories

Our costumes are designed with attention to detail, using top-quality materials to ensure accuracy and durability.

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47 thoughts on “NieR: Automata – all new Nintendo Switch DLC outfits

  1. quien verga compra nier automata en nintendo switch, lo peor es que le dieron los mejores trajes a una compañia que ni siquiera corre a 60 fps su propio juego base como mario bros, que pinche mierda de colaboraciones hacen

  2. the kimono outfits r so pretty ! i love a2's the most 😀 , 9s's is also really cool. i think 2b's kimono is still good but doesn't hold up against the aforementioned two. also finally ! a 2p recolour ! she deserves more love 🙂