Spy x Family Cosplay | Anya Forger Cosplay: Puddi Panda #shorts #spyxfamily #animecosplay

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Spy x Family Cosplay: Puddi cosplays as Anya Forger from the anime Spy x Family!



Investigations by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Music from the YouTube Audio Library


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#shorts #spyxfamily #animecosplay #puddipanda #anya #anyaforger #meiyu #cosplay

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11 thoughts on “Spy x Family Cosplay | Anya Forger Cosplay: Puddi Panda #shorts #spyxfamily #animecosplay

  1. Adorable! Puddi would make an adorable spy from Spy x Family. I can see him doing his best as a future spy and want to make his family proud of him. I want to be friends with him and have ice cream with him every day.