Superman: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes

Superman has a very long history in live action with multiple different film franchises and tv shows, Superman is DC’s single most successful character when it comes to having both, we’re sure to get a new Superman costume by 2025 in Superman: Legacy but seeing as that’s not for another two years so this would be a good time to look at every live action Superman costume and rank them from worst to best.

— Timestamps —

00:00 – Intro
1:56 – Number 18
2:49 – Number 17
3:36 – Number 16
4:09 – Number 15
4:39 – Number 14
5:10 – Number 13
6:08 – Number 12
6:59 – Number 11
7:35 – Number 10
8:10 – Number 9
8:56 – Number 8
9:33 – Number 7
10:26 – Number 6
11:03 – Number 5
11:46 – Number 4
12:43 – Number 3
13:38 – Number 2
15:09 – Number 1

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40 thoughts on “Superman: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes

  1. You lost me at spot 1, that spot should go to Cavill's suit. It's very simple, it's accurate, and it looks perfectly practical. The only problem is the lack of a gold belt. Give it a Gold belt, it's the perfect Superman suit!

  2. I don't have a problem with bright outfit but Batman is getting darker and darker so it don't fit in with batman. Unless he brings out the blue batman like the 60's haha

  3. George Reeves had two suits one was brown and gray for two or 3 seasons then it was changed n season 4 to the red,blue, and yellow when they switched to color. It was made of wool and George hated it.

  4. You appreciated some really underrated Supersuits. The number 1 pick specially was really out-of-the-box but very much deserving! I would love to see your take on all the live-action Spider-Man suits presented in this same format.

  5. Nice Video
    And i agree with this Ranking of those Suits

    I didn't know that Superman's suit became worse in Justice League

    Imagine now Post Crisis Kingdom come Yellow instead of Black suit, and with More Accurate Logo on The chest, and
    Henry Cavill Wearing it
    That's perfect Combination (on my opinion)

  6. I think it's easier to do Clark's suit well in Live action than Bruce's; since Clark is invulnerable it's acceptable to keep him in comic accurate tights while Bruce, a mortal man, doesn't really work as well in tights in Live Action, because if you go up against thugs with assault rifles in tights you end up riddled with bullets, you end up dead, meaning that designers need to add armour to protect him, putting them at risk of overdesign.

  7. Tyler’s new suits lack the proper neckline from his first one and takes from Returns style but Brandon got the perfect designs in the Arrowverse.