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— HAPPY SPOOKY SEASON! in this video, i give you over thirty different aesthetically pleasing halloween costume ideas. the costumes range from childhood cartoons, 1990s / 2000s tv shows, iconic characters, y2k icons, pop culture references, to vintage-inspired costumes. i tried to think of as many
ideas as possible and i ended up with over 30 but i didn’t have the clothes for every costume, but i still gave you the ideas in case you have the clothing items!

i made this video specifically for dark / black / brown hair because i feel like a lot of the halloween costumes i think of off the top of my head are for blondes. i hope you find this video helpful!

if you’re reading this, comment who you’re going to be for halloween this year!

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21 outfits inspired by NANA (aka the most stylish anime ever)

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vivienne westwood pin worn throughout is second hand from vestiaire app 🙂

~nana osaki~
lace top – yesstyle |
corset – i am gia
plaid skirt – thrifted
leopard coat – misguided (super old)
thigh highs – smiffys
boots – koi footwear

button up – yesstyle
blazer – thrifted
pants – thrifted
beret – plt (super old)
glasses – thrifted
belt – nasty gal
boots – koi footwear

plaid pants – plt
long sleeve – style nanda
mesh top – cheep store
boots – koi
half skirt – emood korea

plaid vest – thrifted
suspender jeans – yesstyle |
t-shirt – diy
beret – thrifted/diy
creepers – koi
arm warmers – yesstyle |
chocker – yesstyle

slip dress – thrifted
maxi dress – so old i think the business shut down but i think it was living doll ?
lace sleeves – costume box
chain belt – luv is true
choker – lovisa?
boots – koi

shirt – bb
leather jacket – thrifted
leather pants – princess polly
necklace – thrifted
boots – koi

purple shirt – princess polly
vest – thrifted
pants – thrifted
glasses – princess polly
scarf – thrifted
shoes – asos (super old)

fishnet top – ebay
leather jacket – korea
jeans – topshop + dit
leg harness – korea
handcuffs – yesstyle
boots – koi

t-shirt – diy
harley vest – thrifted
jeans – yesstyle |
boots – koi
cap – kmart + diy
chains – yesstyle

dress – yesstyle |
cardigan – princess polly
thigh highs – smiffys
boots -koi
hat – yesstyle
belt – nasty gal
leg harness – korea

blazer w/ denim – yesstyle |
pants – thrifted
beanie – asos
glasses – thrifted

skirt – thrifted
pink sweater – thrifted
crop hoodie – yesstyle |
leg warmers – yesstyle |
platforms – puma x buffalo london
scarf thrifted

skirt – thrifted
tank top – princess polly
lace sleeves – we gang young
faux fur coat – thrifted
sandals – lipstik

dress – yesstyle |
white collar – yesstyle
wide belt – princess polly
lace gloves – yesstyle |
mary janes – koi

baggy jeans – eun korea
shirt – thrifted
tie – thrifted
shoes – koi
arm warmer – yesstyle |

sweater – thrifted
best top – thrifted
jeans – yesstyle |
belt – nasty gal
creepers – koi
beret – x girl

coat – thrifted
top – thrifted
skirt – yesstyle |
ear muffs – diy
tights – smiffys
boots – costume box

jacket – thrifted
skirt – yesstyle |
scarf – thrifted
belt – thrifted
hat – yesstyle |
leg warmers – yesstyle

everything thrifted except the beanie is sams and boots are koi lol

purple pants – running high
knit top – thrifted
beige top – yesstyle
accessories – thrifted
sandals – yesstyle |

top – yesstyle
coat – thrifted
skirt – thrifted
boots thrifted

i was working with things i already had in my wardrobe so must of them are not currently available sorry 🙁 i will add some links soon though!

FTC: sponsored by surfshark! some clothing links are affiliate, meaning i can make a small commission 🙂

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