Anime Expo 2022 – Cosplay Music Video

Anime Expo is the largest Anime Convention in North America, it takes place in Los Angeles every July. It’s my first con in 2 and a half years and was a great way to return to conventions and such a great variety of Cosplays on display.

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Spy x Family Cosplay | Anya Forger Cosplay: Puddi Panda #shorts #spyxfamily #animecosplay

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Spy x Family Cosplay: Puddi cosplays as Anya Forger from the anime Spy x Family!



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#shorts #spyxfamily #animecosplay #puddipanda #anya #anyaforger #meiyu #cosplay

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Buff Anya Attends Anime Gaming Expo 2023 ft. Bane Armstrong

Anya gets buff and goes to Anime Gaming Expo in Fresno, California.

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Bane Armstrong as Anya Forger

• Camera & Editing: D-Piddy
• Music: Heyson – Hellion

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#anya #anyaforger #spyxfamily

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