The Flash: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes

2023 has been an important year in the history of The Flash in live action as the very long running CW series ended after 9 seasons and 184 episodes mere weeks before the release of the first live action Flash movie after a very long and troubling development that took basically the entire length of the aforementioned show. With these releases, we’ve now reached the first time in a decade where we don’t have any live action content on the horizon and
because of this, this is the perfect time to look back on the live action history of The Flash and more specifically the live action adaptations of The Flash’s costume.

— Timestamps —

00:00 – Intro
1:32 – Number 15
2:37 – Number 14
3:06 – Number 13
3:41 – Number 12
4:57 – Number 11
5:37 – Number 10
6:21 – Number 9
7:28 – Number 8
8:07 – Number 7
9:10 – Number 6
9:48 – Number 5
10:57 – Number 4
11:49 – Number 3
13:13 – Number 2
14:23 – Number 1

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43 thoughts on “The Flash: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes

  1. i actually despise all versions of the newest cw flash suit.
    it looks too fabric-y to me and it just looks flat, there's not enough noticable detail.

  2. Its such a shame we got an amazing suit in the worst script/writing of the show, I think it gets a lot more hate because of that correlation. literally everything else other than CW writing and Effects budget are amazing in this show

  3. Season 9 Flash suit with the golden boots was truly the peak Flash suit that is directly tied to DC rebirth Flash suit And it's honestly the greatest peak Flash suit Grant Gustin has ever weared The other Flash suit without the chin strap was horrendous I hated it with extreme passion season 4 Flash suit is honestly my top number one favorite It was just absolute perfection as for Ezra Miller I hate his armored Flash suit The Flash doesn't need armor But you can I get they tried to make Flash look good on the big screen but they failed horribly The majority of Flash fans hated the armored Flash suit For good reason and after watching The Flash movie I actually love his DC rebirth Flash suit Even if it doesn't have no chin strap but it looks perfectly sealed around his head unlike Grant Gustin season 6 Flash cowl without the chin strap looked so damn uneven and so out of place I also hated Ezra Miller nightmare Flash suit which had way too much armor and that armored helmet was the stupidest thing I have ever seen However I did sort of like his BatFlash suit that he made the suit on his own It was pretty cool looking other than that The Flash movie is not as bad as I thought it was but there were so many missed opportunities to bring in Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thomas Wayne Batman And he said himself he was readily available but they never took advantage of him or made Margot Robbie as Yo-Yo or bring in reverse flash but the one character they butchered Is Sasha Calle Supergirl Kara Zor-El does not have short black hair She always had blonde hair how could the director of the Flash movie fuck that up? Instead the director should have went with Laura Lane Kent 🤦‍♂️ That's all I can say.

  4. I still think the jl suit was very good it's like the Spiderman suit in no way home it's not perfectly "cannon" like in the end but it fits and no way in hell looks bad the exposed fingers are really something I don't mind infact for that suit I thinks it's the best choice. and your reasons are kind of why I love that suit specially for a dark theme it's made for

  5. I dont really dislike the armored ezra suit in concept. It would make sense that a kid who just discovered he can run faster than most people can conceive would want to wear armor to protect himself, i just think that in practice it doesnt look very good. And thats not to say armored speedsters cant look awesome. Look at savitar, his armor is rad. Even more than looks though, i wish that a speecster wearing armor would adjust their fighting style appropriately. Like instead of punching and kicking at super speed wearing armor opens up the possibility of slamming into them with your whole body which would be way more effective than a punch but might not be good to use against regular people

  6. the ZSJL suit is a great adaptation of the flash suit into the real world in my opinion, those wires and shoulder padding's are completely necessary because it tells you that barry is still experimenting on making the suit and still new to this super hero stuff, those wires control the lightning by some MOVIE MAGIC aswell, either way its my opinion

  7. Season 5 The flash suit really look stupid. The cowl make his head become way too big. Like wth dude. You have the best suit in previous season..

  8. I'm not really a fan with the Flash movie's suit. Pure CGI is just the worst. I love the JL's suit more.. The Flash movie suit look so weird.

  9. Kinda weird the arguments you give to the JL suit (which is supposed to be a prototype suit) and don't give to the s1-s3 suit that have the same "problems" you pointed out.

  10. Nahhh, the best suit of all time is either the cw season 2/3 or season 4, i cant decide but because season 2 was so much better than 4 im leaning towards the season 2/3 suit. Then id say the season 9 suit in 3rd place and the flash movie suit looks so bad imo, so fake, so plastic and when its cgi the stature is so off for how ezra miller actually is