Top 20 Most Painful Costumes Worn By Actors

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39 thoughts on “Top 20 Most Painful Costumes Worn By Actors

  1. Margot Robbie complaining about her outfits piss me off so much, like girl you’re basically in everyday clothes with some make up and your hair done up, what’s the big deal? She’s freaking smokin and she knows that, nothing to be self conscious about?? 🥴🥴

  2. i don't think Margot Robbie should be on this list, all others had some serious and unhealthy problems with there costumes while she just didn't liked to wear short shorts because people could see her legs and ass in them

  3. There are so many new startups offering fancy stretchy breathable material for suits, shirts, pants, etc. These movie directors can simply ask them to make a custom version for the movies and they would happily do this. I wonder why they don't spend a few thousand dollars extra for practically comfortable costumes.

  4. They cant use the restroom, barely drink, treated like objects and hollywood doesnt use cgi why, atleast use cg to fill in seams so an actor can have a greater degree of movement or hide zippers

  5. the good news is, these will be a relic of the past…. no more costumes necessary… soon no more actors … and god given, no more writers… the writing will be done via AI in seconds, which then hopefully will be corrected by someone to finetune it for human audiences…

  6. May The King Rest In Peace 10:04 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the black panther movie was one thing that made me feel like I was more part of this world because it is based on Africa and my country is half African (Jamaica)

  7. So what I’m understanding is marvel, with millions behind each movie, they refuse to size and fit their actuaries accurately and comfortably. Sad.

  8. They sacrifice comfort for millions of dollars per movie. They don’t have to do it if they don’t like it. They could do something else that pays significantly less if they don’t like not being able to breathe and go to the bathroom whenever they want. But no, hello money, goodbye dignity, freedom and comfort 😂

  9. Awe boo hoo omg you get paid well for being a actor ! People would love to do your job ! Everyone complains about there job actors just wine about it ! Cry ,me a river lmao . If being an actor is that bothersome go work at WALMART !