Why Captain Falcon is Amazing in Melee, and how he changed in Project M

Captain Falcon is incredible in Melee. But how did he change in Project M? There’s more than what meets the eye for Falcon.
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43 thoughts on “Why Captain Falcon is Amazing in Melee, and how he changed in Project M

  1. God, I miss Melee Falcon. Literally went from being the definition of hype to one of the most boring characters from Brawl onwards imo.

  2. huh ? is it just me or did you have like half the subscribers you have now like a month ago ? idk maybe its just me or im getting something mixed up, anyway good content ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Big recommendation: please mix the mic a little more naturally. it sounds pretty harsh on the ears as of right now because it feels very overproduced sounding. aside from that, great video!

  4. While, as some ppl already pointed out, there are some oddities regarding the audio, i really think your narration/ voice over has improved a lot throughout your smash bros/ pm character series ๐Ÿ™‚ really looking forward to what you will deliver this year, wishing you the best for 2023! โœŒ
    Ps: i would love to see a video about brawl and pm Wario at some point ๐Ÿ‘

  5. Where are the new F zero games.
    F zero x was sooooo good, between that and Diddy Kong racing they're my favorite old racers.
    Lego racer gets an honorable mention, and let's be honest the Mario Cart games are far better than they used to be.

  6. Some hopefully constructive criticism: I think you should really avoid making representations of qualitative things as facts when they are not consensus. It's an issue that I repeatedly encounter when watching your videos, and always bothers me. For example in this video, knee being the best aerial in all of Melee is definitely not something that should be stated as a fact. I don't even believe it is widely agreeable to say that knee is 100% Falcon's best aerial. Another thing is that I feel like you often make unnecessary non-statements or inaccuracies when talking about certain things (like calling Falcon's ftilt a "really good get off me tool"). I think that it's just better to say nothing about a move if you are not sure how it's used/if it isn't really used at all. I know the target audience of these videos will not care all that much about this kind of thing but it is still worth considering.

    Also 2002-2004 tier lists are honestly just nonsense and not really worth discussing imo, the community was not organized at all back then.

  7. Hey just want to put out there that the audio on the video is really hard to listen to in general. The mixing makes it so it's pretty overwhelming hearing music, weird sound effects, gameplay, and commentary all at once. There also is some distortion that I hear sometimes in the gameplay. The commentary also has really loud low end. This plus the really abrupt fast cuts between sections just makes the video really hard to watch attentively. I don't mean to criticize for no reason but I think this is good content being held back by editing. Hopefully you can get it figured out. Thanks,

  8. Just my honest opinion, I really do love your videos, but this one in particular feels to be edited a little strangely, with abrupt cuts and poor audio mixing. Other than that, your videos are always super fun to watch and always really informative

  9. The community has a bias in favor of Falcon (so do I). No one wants him to be less than excellent. No mod (PM, P+, HDR) will allow him to be lower than A-tier. The buffs you would have to give Falcon to not only move him out of D/F tier in Brawl, but to also make him a top tier only affirm what I've said.

  10. Falcon has always been one of my favorite characters in every smash game. He really embodies smash bros to his core. Heโ€™s fast, fun, and honest. (Just like you lol). Heโ€™s a super smash bros character as far as Iโ€™m concerned, and Iโ€™ve played f-zero. If Nintendo ever makes that super smash racing game, I almost think it would make more sense to make it a spiritual successor to f-zero rather than Mario kart.