WOMEN Are the Ones Sexualizing Halloween Costumes #shorts

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30 thoughts on “WOMEN Are the Ones Sexualizing Halloween Costumes #shorts

  1. many costumes aren’t sexual in any way it’s just seen as sexual whenever a woman wears it☠️ I saw a woman getting slutsahmed for dressing up with her kids as a vampire (the whole entire family did it) and only the mom was insulted when she wore a turtle neck black velvet dress that went all down too the floor – nothing revealing or even sexy☠️

  2. God, THANK YOU.

    I get tires of women gaslighting men for s*** other women do, whether it's costumes in games, real life, other girls dissing each others nails and highlights, things men don't CARE about.

    I mean, Bayonetta is all about sexualization and that game is helmed by an adorable little Japanese woman who I totally don't have a celebrity crush on. She spins and jumps around and her abilities ACTIVELY declothe her… All by a woman. And you know what? Ironically there isn't a proportionately large number of dudes that go nuts over the CHARACTER herself. They do, however, go nuts for characters like Chun Li. In fact, you can witness this phenomenon in full force when it comes to the three leading ladies of Mortal Kombat: Kitana, Jade and Mileena. Jade and Mileena absolutely absorb ALL of the attention DESPITE one not even being in half the games and another having the purest form of butterface. Kitana meanwhile just kinda gets ignored. Why? Because she has the most BORING character out of the three, people don't care that she is just as scantily clad as everyone else.

    Men, despite what media will tell you, WILL NOT just "screw anything on sight". Some of the most skin showing characters in fiction aren't generally simped for a lot, Elena from Street Fighter being another great example. And people LOVE Elena, just not in that way despite her outfit literally being knotted rags. It is ALL about how it is done, and things like slutty nurses and gingerbread costumes are indicative of that.

  3. "In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total sl*t and no other girls can say anything about it." – Mean Girl (2004)

  4. So are you not going to acknowledge that women are sexualized all the time, even when they don't want to be? Or is this short meant to blame women for that too.

  5. Those women like to be sl*ts. It's become the norm & there wouldn't be any consequences. That is they can't be sl*t shamed & there is the sl*t walk by Amber Rose.

  6. Very strange attitude to me for women often wanting to look sexually enticing, when men aren't shown in such a way nearly as often. Women are just giving people attracted to them more of what they want, while the desires of those attracted to us remain more deprived. How has there been so many women who thinks that's fair and empowering?

    For the following reasons, and others, I’ve chosen to stay single. If what makes the body shape unique to women is mostly fat in those areas instead of dense material, that would make it difficult for me to enjoy female beauty, because that's a loose material stored in their body. It makes it feel to me like that's something extra giving them a different shape, because fat isn’t a body part. I know fat is needed for some functions, but I wonder how anyone thinks that attractive if it's not the body itself shaped differently. It feels to me, even though I know this is just an opinion, like the male body shape is more unique because we keep the same proportions relative to our body parts since birth, but females are born with that same shape and can either get one unique to their gender or not change much or any differently. There's a more specific shape for males than females, so it feels like our body shape is more a part of what makes us the way we are than the one unique to women is part of what makes them the way they are who have it. Curvy men are rare, but not women who's body shape is male like. Another reason I feel that way is because most female animals have the same body shape as males of the same species, which is more similar to human male proportions than curvy women's. Curviness isn't needed to distinguish females, so it feels to me like an extra feature on women who have them.

    When women get a certain amount of strength, if they were curvy, their body shape becomes very much like a man's. By this I don’t mean the amount of muscle, just the hip width, butt shape, and breasts size. I like protruding muscle on women, but I have difficulty enjoying it because of that, and because testosterone is needed for most of that. Since that's what gives males our uniquely shaped parts, it feels like that automatically makes physical strength a male quality. I hate that women are usually much weaker than men, because that makes them less capable of providing as many things needed to live as men can. Most of what we’ve become dependent on, and find entertaining, was made by men. I feel the same way about there being a great difference of male and female sexual desire, because it's a very pleasurable feeling. You see women sexualized and pursued much more often than men are by women. This is often attributed to testosterone. It's very boring to me if such a passionate desire isn't a similar amount in both genders.

    Many people think that people only thought breasts attractive on women after they were required to stay covered more often than chests. This made it more exciting to see breasts and keeping parts covered more often on women made hair and ankles as attractive to men. In most tribal cultures, breasts aren't though attractive just because they feed babies. People in those cultures thought it strange that anyone thinks of breasts in a sexual way. I'm mostly sure of the opposite because I've read quotes from erotica from cultures where breasts and chests were seen as often describing breasts in a sexual way. There's a few such texts in the bible. I hope it is natural to think breasts attractive because I like thinking all of what makes a woman’s body shape different is sexy. If thinking any prominently different part of that body shape sexy had to be conditioned, that seems boring to me.

  7. Complains about men sexualizing them but buys the slutty costume instead of the regular one!! 🙃We know men will always look at us in that way unfortunately 😩

  8. I think the bigger problem is: Why everything has to be sexualized today? From halloween costumes to video game female characters. It's like they're trying to tell us that you're a high quality woman if you sexualize yourself and women dressed in casual clothing are related to "low self-esteem"