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Books of knowledge: Doctor Voodoo uses these books, such as the Book of the Vishanti, to help him train for his future quests. He uses this feature to break through the dome surrounding Siancong, and once through, the armor breaks apart to reveal a winged glider that Cap uses to make his way to his ultimate target. Courtesy of Jamie McKelvie, this design switches out Tony Starks’ usual red and gold for a red and silver that works to bring something new to the Iron Man armor. Iron Man armor is tough to replicate when it comes to cosplay. Now this is a huge divergence from how Iron Man normally looks and we absolutely love it. Each actor has someone who looks after them, they dress them, they go through how the dressing should look and then they look after this person on set.

A sequel was inevitable, and as the title promises, the action moves to the gung-ho 1980s. The film is set in 1984, the year of the Los Angeles Olympics, hot cosplay and there’s some oh-so ’80s big hair and shopping-mall action. There’s a lot of pent-up expectation built up around this film. That’s a lot of stuff. This inflatable cow costume is sure to cause a lot of laughs at your next Halloween party. 11:30 a.m., start your Halloween with a “Trunk or Treat” on Broad Street, hosted by the Hamilton area churches. Up next we have another Daredevil redesign; a much more futuristic and ninja-styled approach by Daniel Fu. Keith Byrne took things a different route and gave Clint some sleeves, throwing together a design with an overall archer-thief vibe that we think is an excellent approach to the character. In the case of Marvel’s commemoration of Women’s History Month, they gave Jen Bartel the reigns to reimagine eight of their heroes in a new light, and the results were stunning; so stunning that her work is still being heralded through flattery’s greatest form: imitation.

This design, on the other hand, gave the ol’ red and yellow some love to interesting and appealing results. We also love Carol’s hairstyle in this, female cosplay as well as the little bits of red spread throughout the design. The little bits of fur are also a great touch, as are the acorn earrings. In fact, some of the best Marvel character redesigns are so good that Marvel should consider using them in official comics! With characters that have been around for so long, it can be hard to keep their costumes fresh, modern, sleek and appealing, but these fan-made redesigns managed to bring something new to the usual costume designs we’ve seen in Marvel comics. Through his use of his Voodoo and Magic, he can track anyone.

23 (Nov. 2005), in the alternate reality Ultimate Marvel universe, Brother Voodoo is one of dozens of superhero zombies. To that same degree, artist all across the world have thrown their own hats into the ring of modern redesigns, providing some awesome updated, alternate takes and re-imaginings of our favorite superheroes. Brother Voodoo was one of the main characters in an alternate Age of Apocalypse, first seen in the February 2007 What If? Cloak of Levitation: The Cloak of Levitation allows Doctor Voodoo to fly at 25 miles an hour for indeterminate lengths. Actually, it’s a wet suit, but it kind of looks like the habits of a space nunnery from Doctor Who or maybe even Star Trek. From there, I go through the process of figuring out what kind of style I’m going to do and make more detailed choices about the form, like the tempo, the musical character, the length, the sounds I’ll use and how I’ll treat the source audio.

The short gloves are a particularly nice touch, as is the separation between the collar and the mask, which makes it seem more like a battle-suit rather than a costume. Though this suit might a bit too dark for Steve rogers, it would definitely work for Bucky’s short stint as Captain America, especially with the black sleeves and short red gloves. This DARPA effort is a far cry from the red and gold Stark brainchild, but it does offer a glimpse into a very exciting future! Created by Raj Palan, this take on Iron Man appears to combine pulp-comic/film ideas of aliens and the future with classic superhero design.

The mask that Byrne designed is a nice modification of the Hawkeye’s classic costume, making him a bit more mysterious than his sleeveless-shirt-and-sunglasses combo usually does, the high collar helping to complete this espionage-archer look. After making a splash on Broadway with roles in Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton, as well as live versions of musicals such as Grease and Rent, Fisher has been sinking his teeth into roles behind the screen, with his latest efforts being Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You and Work It. Keep your mind focused on being still and pay attention to but do not grasp the random thoughts that may come into your mind. Newer fans who watched the movies may be interested in that history, anime cosplay but overwhelmed when sifting through hundreds of comics. She first appeared in DC Comics Batman series in the 90’s and has featured in DC Universe comics, movies and video games ever since. Without further ado, enjoy these 25 awesome fan-made redesigns of Marvel characters we’d want to see in the comics! Some of the artists that made these actually ended up working for Marvel, so maybe we’ll see these modern redesigns grace the pages of the comics, but only time will tell.

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